28 A Golden Year?

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In turning 28, and feeling that this is essentially my golden year - despite the fact that my birthday was on the 15 a few other things lined up. 


4 Goals | 7 Weeks/Goal: 7 Steps to Accomplish It | 28 Days To Make A Habbit | 28 Weeks to Get There


While I don't have this fully outlined with all the steps to get there, here are a few things that I'd like to accomplish this year. I'll be sure to make a follow up post with all the details written out.


  • Pack my lunch at least 3 times a week. 

Let me tell you, yesterday I had lunch with my coworkers. We ordered out from a place we all typically like. I had an arugula salad with blackened shrimp and blackened chicken. I ate half the salad since I also ordered a soup. The soup was escarole and beans - a winter home cooked like special. My soup was extra special. I had about five spoons. Took a little stir and you won't believe what I saw on my spoon. I scooped up a fly. I know I chose to subject myself to this because I decided to eat out. We'll I am now deciding to cut back on that. I'm sure my bank account will thank me by the end of the year. 

- Eat more of the healthier foods I like. 

- Meal prep on the Saturday's and Tuesday's

- Make and post my meal calendar. 

(more  detailed steps to include) 


  • Create an "Awesome Jar" / Practice GRATITUDE

Write one awesome thing each week on a sticky note and place it in the jar. Earlier this week I had a rough start. And at times it's easy to wallow in the negativity. Literally things started looking up the next day. Troubles don't last too long.

They say English is a hard language to learn. Here's a few reasons to consider: the sarcasm, underhanded /backhanded compliments, down right brute rudeness of people. "See Ya I wouldn't Want To Be Ya" This s often said in a joking matter. But the person that said this to me genuinely meant it. Which is fine - I wouldn't want to be them either. An awesome jar would be a simple reminder of the great things to be thankful for - be it an accomplishment, or the awesomeness of helping someone - gratitude is missing in many people.   

(The Jar is in my car) 

- get sticky notes

- get marker

- daily/ weekly reminder for day one journal.

(more  detailed steps to include) 


  • Save 10k by December 31, 2016

- Attract the right clients I'd like to work with and hit the ground running. <- That's not detailed enough! 

- Implement the things learned in 30CP. 

- spend less

(more  detailed steps to include) 


  • Punch Fear in the Face


Allowing fear to drive your decisions will prevent you from doing many things in life. I have a huge fear of heights. To get over this fear I shall go sky diving! 

- reach out to Celine for details on how she did her dive

- list out other fears to break through.

(more  detailed steps to include) 


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Keshna Donia