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Hello! My name is Keshna Donia and I am the founder of Donia Studio, an illustration, art, and design brand. My work is inspired by bright pops of color found through daily life, delicate typography, and both sketchy and clean line work. You can find my designs on my online shop. Thanks to sites like Red Bubble, and Society 6, my work is available in an array of products. I offer an extensive portfolio of artwork that is available for licensing. 

As a content creator and designer, I create tutorials and videos on YouTube. I partner with local brands and businesses to bring people together through workshops and paint parties in my local state. 

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Hello! My name is Keshna Donia (KESH-nuh DAWN-yuh). As a Haitian American Artist and Designer residing in New Jersey, I enjoy creating art, and designing for others. When I am not creating Art for, I am teaching in the studio, through paint and sip parties, online, or filling my sketchbook. I enjoy pushing the boundaries between art and design, and showcase them throughout my work. Creativity is filled throughout my spare time, be it working on my mind and body at the gym, or sharing my process and what I learn on youtube. I create in a variety of mediums which include watercolor, acrylics, and gouache.


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