Drills and Practicing


A noun - instruction or training in military exercises. 

Remember in grade school when the teachers would let you know in advance to expect a fire drill? You weren't given the exact time it would happen, you just knew to expect blairing sounds and white flashing lights sometime during the day. You are notified that it would happen, just not sure when it was coming.

The drills I am talking about though are perfect for practice sessions in lettering. If you are ever put on the spot to sketch something, it wont come out looking wonky, or as though you simply don't know what you are doing. 

 A drill is a deliberate practice of drawing the same stroke or sequence of strokes repeatedly to develop brain and muscle memory, and to practice drawing consistent strokes and letterforms.

When sketching something live, you want to be sure your memory muscles don't fail you, but that they kick in and take over.

Drills are a common practice in calligraphy and brush lettering, however these tactics are also perfect for hand lettering. 

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Keshna Donia