Design Has Impeccable Value

Design Is Valuable. Don't let anyone tell you anything different. 

There's a reason why Disney Characters on a lunch box will sell much more quickly than a plain silver lunch box.

Here's what design does:

It helps drive marketing.

It helps build cohesive brands.

It helps bring in appeal.

It helps your product stand out - digital or physical.

You may not realize all the ways design helps in bridging people, places and things together.

Here's what design is NOT:

Design is NOT an after thought.

Design is not "just a pretty picture".

Design is not just a few clicks of the mouse.

Design is not making things look good.

Let's face it - a turd is a turd no matter how you try to cover it up.

Design is part of the process in what you are building and creating.

Next week I'll share more insight of the power of design. 

Keshna Donia