It all started when…

I launched my jewelry design to crickets. I spent countless hours, time and money into making hand crafted jewelry, I was so secretive thinking someone would “steal” my idea.

Hello, My name is Keshna Donia. I create custom art, design and illustration that captures your unique story and bring it to life through events, products, and experiences.

I'm passionate about design and illustration. It took me some time to fully commit to sharing that with people. I harbored a great amount of fear committing to the thing I really found pleasure in doing. I enjoy traveling to my home country of Haiti and serving the community there. I enjoy bringing people together over arts, music, and food. 

When I'm not working I enjoy cooking, exercising via cardio, the elliptical machine specifically, spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy engaging in deep dive discussions that challenge my thinking/perspective.   

I value genuine relationships, community gatherings and people that value integrity, truth, and honesty. I’d like to see the world changed through    

I feel disrespect and annoyed when people talk down about others that look or speak differently from them.  

I struggled with the belief that people don't buy or value illustration & design. this stems from my mom pushing me to study nursing from a very young age, and telling me that I would be a struggling artist. I decided to study product design and felt that it would lead me to a unique path of design. Instead, it left me feeling empty and made me realize I wasn’t using my gifts. this experience made me lack confidence in my design and illustration skills. and often in doubt. 

I’ve learned that people do indeed value art and design especially when it’s able to capture a moment in time or linked to an emotional experience or a unique story. 

I create custom design and illustration that captures your unique story and bring it to life through events, products, and experiences.

After working for an art studio and a package design company I am able to see how large companies now having a plethora of ideas, I've come to the conclusion that people do value art and design - they need to see themselves in it.

My desire is to reflect God’s Glory through service, design, and technique. I want people to leave with a pleasant experience of working with a designer and have the desire to come back.

I connect with people on an emotional level and create for them through my illustration and design.

I am an experiential designer. I listen to your story and create graphic images and illustrations to bring them to life.

Let’s create something magical together.