Back That Thang Up

And no I am not referring to Juvenile's song (back that a** up - Just Saying). I'm referring to having to start all over after loosing files from design work. 

You ever loose a harddrive, memory stick or photos you loved? Were you able to recover them from a laptop, phone or did you have to let it all go? Too many times I have been faced with having to let them go and move on. 

Below I share my story from January 2014 when I lost my 500 gig harddrive, and what I've done since to keep my files safe. 

I am soooo Bummed out. I misplaced – and I think it is now safe to say, LOST my hard drive. This 500 gig hard drive had ALL my design projects, Ideas, and MOVIES! It’s been about two weeks since I have been searching for it. I only have one more place in which I can search for this thing. If it isn’t there, I know I will have to purchase another one. The crazy thing though, I have TWO. I just haven’t backed up my latest one.

I really feel like an idiot. All through college the one thing the professors would repeat, “SAVE YOUR FILES!, E-mail it, back it up on a drive, and back it up again!”

Well, I’ve learned my lesson - back it up on the hard drive again. I’ve contacted all my friends that I could think of that would have come into contact with this drive. I’ve searched my room, and my design studio space for it and it still hasn’t turned up. Its time to invest in a new one. Most of all, I’ll be backing up my computer immediately.

 This is what my drive looked like. From this I know my designs will have to get better. 

What my hard drive contained, photos – oh man - my photos, my memories – this just made me even sadder. My design files, work out videos, typefaces, pdf of books, sketches, my list can go on and on.

If ever you find yourself needing to back up your files there are many new ways to do so. Below I share some ways to save your digital files.

  • Dropbox
    • I live by drop box. I've even upgraded my storage and pay for additional storage. Dropbox has a free option, and if you invite friends and they accept drop box increases your storage amount.
  • Backblaze
    • This has been reccomended to me to back up my computer. While I am still in the process of saving my files to my physical harddrive, I am going to be sure to invest in backblaze as well.
  • WD - Drive
    • My current main back up since loosing my Toshiba drive. My WD Drive is a two terrabite tower. I use this for time machine back up for my mac and backing up my digital files.
  • Google Drive
    • I use this for smaller amounts of work, but I find that it's best when it need to be shared among people. They start you off with 15 gigs of storage! 
  • Email yourself
    • This was the old school way for me to save my files. However you are limited in storage space, and upload sizes. 

Please remember these are all suggestions on ways to prevent from loosing your files in the future. I'd love to hear from you - what ways have you discovered to save and back up your work?

Losing everything isn't that bad. Letting go of old ideas help to generate new and better ideas. It may even force you to be more present in the now.

Lastly, I recieved an over whelming response from my last extensive interview with Nina Tran. Thanks so much for your feedback and I am happy you enjoyed it! If you missed it, the link is here.

Keshna Donia