Illustration Design Process

Visual Branding - Keshna Donia

Starting an illustration project, whether personal or commissioned is very exciting. The initial point of contact can be in-person or online, it typically dictates how the conversation will flow. An in-person meeting is ideal, however, if that isn't an option a meeting virtually or by phone is expected. Learning about you, your business and your goals help in establishing the right energy and we can set our expectations from the start. You've seen my work and you are confident that my style and my skills match what you need. The process is a bit collaborative with a few check-in points to ensure our project is being run smoothly.

In order for me to take on a project, we must first start with a questionnaire. This helps me to better understand your needs and to be sure that I am the right fit for your project. Based on the type of service you are seeking, this questionnaire allows me to gain insight and understanding of the project and begins the process of our collaborative project. I also get to know a little about you in this process.

Once the questionnaire is completed and a meeting date is set, we talk more in-depth about your goals and expectations. Once the goals have been established, and we determine I am the right fit for your project, I begin sketching initial concept ideas. It's important for me to sketch out my preliminary concepts before doing research. It allows me to approach my work in an unbiased manner. After preliminary sketches, I then begin to do research based on our conversation, your needs, and your goals. During this time I use references as needed. I refine my sketches and we check in to ensure the concepts meet your expectations. Once this is approved we move into the final design. In this phase, we explore color options, that match your branding, personality or story.

Once this is finalized, depth is added using light and shadow, the texture - if needed is explored and the illustration is complete with refinements. The illustration is delivered in the requested format - and it's done! 

The Takeaways

  • It's important for me to get to know the person I am working with. So we meet in person or have a virtual call. 

  • We set expectations, goals, deadlines. 

  • I sketch and research what you may need. 

  • We check in to ensure we are on track 

  • I deliver what you need. 

If you are interested in working with me click here to learn more. If you are a creative I'd love to hear about your process, tell me about it in the comments section below.