Passion Project: 31 Ideas to fill Up a Sketchbook


This series of filling up a sketchbook is more of a passion project for me. Typically you’ll find me creating hand lettering pieces - which is where Donia Studio began providing services for others- you’ll also find me completing Lauren Homs homework challenge. I can definitely see her HOMwork challenge becoming a book. 

The importance of passion projects: 

Passion projects give you the space to create something unique without criticism and you are able to set your own goals and boundaries around it. It’s freedom to explore, and doesn’t need to be public.  

I’ve decided to take on a challenge and here are the goals I’ve set for my 31 sketchbook challenge: 

  1. Post to my youtube channel at least 2-3 times per week.

  2. Upload images to society6 and Redbubble

  3. share via social media - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

How I came Up with the Idea

First I made a list of ideas - some of which came directly from other youtubers online. 

Then I made a calendar which will let me know which order I’ve recorded the videos. What I’ve edited and voice over and lastly which ones are published. 


So far I have three videos published, I can’t wait to get all 31 videos up and I am excited to see where it takes me.

To check out the current videos in the series see my youtube page, click here.

Join the mailing list to get a copy of the calendar for yourself. Also, be sure to tag me on instagram @KeshnaDonia and use the hashtag #donias31SBC (Donia’s 31 SketchBook Challenge).