3 Commonalities Between Design and Fitness


Summer body season is right around the corner - better yet, it’s already here. While I’m not Ab ready, I’ve been doing better with food and hitting up the gym.

While thinking about design and fitness I found 3 things design and fitness share in common. Below I compare the two:

1. When it comes to art, in order to grow you have to challenge your self, when it comes to fitness and weight training you’ll have to go up in weights - If you don’t challenge yourself when it comes to design you won’t learn anything new. It’s important to cultivate your deign knowledge and skills, to be aware of the trends and to continue to practice the basic skills. As for challenging yourself in the gym, once you master a level of weight you want to add a bit more to build your strength.

2. It takes time to see the changes and the results - This one is pretty straight forward. No matter how little or how much you know about design there’s always room for improvement and there’s always something new to learn, even more so, with practice you’ll see the changes in style, speed and accuracy. Similarity in fitness - with discipline, you’ll see the changes and results in your body.

3. Practice ,Practice, Practice. - to get the right form, to continue to grow to keep the growth.

Are there any similarities that you see that haven’t been mentioned? Share them with me in the comments section below.