Haitian Hand-Lettering


I remember the first time I went to Haiti. I had so many presumptions and I was so anxious of what it would be like.

Growing up I heard many stories from my grandmother and my mother of what it was like growing up in Haiti. I never wanted to go because I was fearful.

Yet as I grew older and I could no longer communicate with my grandmother, I became curious. I wanted to know what does home look like. What does my mothers Island look like?

My journey in hand lettering and calligraphy started when I was in college looking for electives to fill out my class schedule and remain fulltime. A friend of mine suggested I take a calligrapher course with her. It was my senior year so it was sometime in 2011.

I remember feeling drawn to this here little house, which I later learned was where my fellow Haitians played the lottery.

While I would love to go this year - 2019, I have been working on focusing my efforts on my future with my fiancé and building Donia Studio. I can’t wait to get back into lettering and incorporate some of the inspiration from this photo and bright pop of colors.