3 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer


It’s no secret here in Jersey that we have been experiencing a serious heat wave. I for one enjoy the summer months more than winter and spring. Early fall is a favorite too. Here are 3 ways to stay cool this summer while being creative.

  1. Take a paint and sip class at a local studio. You can bring your own beverage and some snacks to keep you cool. I’d highly recommend bringing in some water with what ever choice beverages you bring along. We want to stay hydrated and water is great for your skin.

  2. While the beach can sound fun the blazing heat from the sun will keep you under the shade and your umbrella try relaxing pool side with a sketchbook and some water colors.

  3. Not big on leaving the house? This third option is for you, grab your tools in a cool room in the house and a sketchbook and put on YouTube or skillshare and follow along with some creative courses. I for one did number one and three. What ways are you keeping cool this summer?

Keshna Donia2 Comments