Unfolding Chaos Brings Order

Chaos and order don't go hand in hand - but maybe it does. 

In the midst of a dark storm we can’t see the beauty it brings about, until after the storm is over. Right now I am in the middle of a storm, and the clouds are hanging heavy and low. 

What gets me through? 

Prayer. Simple right? I know that this is not the end. I know that something better is to come. I don’t know how long it will take, but perhaps these dark heavy clouds need to happen in order for the beauty to come forth.

I sent an email to a list of people asking for help and one person said this:

"Just remember this,
Order is unfolding - right now, in the midst of the chaos."  

We tend to want to know every single detail and every single step in a plan before making a move. Sometimes, you have to just do. It is through the mistakes, we learn what succeeded and what failed, what to repeat and what to run away from. We must not be afraid to learn from other people's mistakes as well.

At times the lessons we learn are totally out of our control and it looks like chaos and we are left unsure of what to do. Next, week I’ll share with you a bit more of this unfolding chaos, that is simultaneously bringing order in my life. 

In the meantime, if you are experiencing chaos and unsure of what to do here are some ideas: 

  • P.U.S.H. - Pray Until Something Happens. This speaks for itself. 
  • Meditate and reflect on points of gratitude. Last week as I was on my way to work and my car spun out. I ended up facing the road in the wrong direction. I spent time to reflect and appreciate life. You never know when it can end.
  • Words of Affirmation - this is new for me. I have a list of daily affirmations that I read out loud to myself. It helps to shift and realign my thinking to positivity and refocus on what I want to accomplish. If you need a resource for this check out the workbook shift.
  • Rest. It’s important that we have a clear mind to make important decisions in our life. 
"Affliction is nothing but a dirty lane leading to a royal palace." 

- Thomas Bridges 

Keshna Donia