How This Came About

I grew up in New Jersey with my mom, who for most of my life she was a single parent of two.

As a young child the most vivid memory I have is her rushing out to work during the summer days. She worked hard to support our family. Our neighbors kept an eye on us and my brother and I would stay in the house. Before she left she’d leave a big red lipstick mark on our foreheads and cheek.

Even though she had to work a lot to pay the bills, I still remember her making clothes for me during her downtime. She always went above and beyond to show use she cared. Some days, she would drop us off with my Uncle. My brother would play on the computer and I would ask for a piece of paper so I could draw.

Design has always been a big part of my life. 

My family is Haitian and as a culture we do not settle for less. I remember when it was time to attend high school. I applied for a magnet school and unfortunately, I did not get in the first time. However, I was determined to succeed and I reapplied the next year.

I was accepted and I became a visual arts major. In high school I had the opportunity to enter a competition with Coca-Cola's Art of Harmony, created for budding artists in high schools. I entered my lettering design and found out that I was a finalist eligible for at least $250 in prize money.

The competitors were invited to Newark Museum for the final awards. At first, I thought I didn’t win anything, when name after name was called and I did not hear my name. I was so stuck on winning the $250 minimum prize I was almost shocked when they revealed a soda machine filled with Coca-Cola and my design on the front.

My hand-lettering design had won! I was awarded with a 5,000 savings bond, a soda machine with free refills for a year, and two safe keep boxes, one for me and one for the teacher.

I still have the cans I cut out by hand to create the artwork.

My mom was so proud of me and that made me feel really good.

I want my clients to be proud of what we’ve created together.

To this day, every piece of hand lettering that I create, every project that I take on, and each package I design; I won’t settle for less. Because my mother did not, and because she worked hard to give my family the life that we have now.

That is why I started Donia studio.

For each client, we work together to create seamless design solutions. Together we create, design, and build.  

Let’s create something special together.

Keshna Donia