Knowing What to Practice For Hand Lettering

Ever feel like "I don't know what to practice!"? 

This is how I felt after finishing my Alphabet series. I didn't know what to sketch next! I realize I need to continue practicing hand lettering if I want to get better. I haven't explored all the typefaces, variations, and styles. I've been playing around with script and compositing pieces together. 

I would avoid going online to "look for inspiration" - more on this in another post. Today, however I will keep it brief: Searching for ideas online makes you feel like you accomplished something when you didn't do anything on your own. You get this satiated feeling from browsing all these ideas and concepts. You also end up copying from someone else. Our brains store so much information, and it would be easy to take designs and inspirations from other people and claim it to be your own. Remember that nothing is new under the sun! 

If you ever find yourself not knowing what to practice here are some ideas: 

  • Serif letters
  • Sans Serif Letter
  • Script Letter
  • Black letter
  • Uncial (Roman) Letters
  • Composition Your Favorite Quote
  • Sketch Your Friends Name
  • Scripture has plenty of quotes you can pull from.

At the end of the day you want to make something. Don't wait until everything is perfect. Learn to correct things as you go along. 

Need some guidelines for practicing? Download some guidelines (dots) I made here.

Keshna Donia