Self Analyzation, Planning, and Goal Setting

In order for goals to be realized, there has to be some strategy involved. The essential stepping stones to reaching the actualization of any goal, are clear cut objectives. Objectives are specific action steps of what you are going to do in order to achieve those goals. Goals without objectives?....Well you're just wasting time. 

One of my goals is to get out of debt. I just want to be debt free. I don't want to owe anyone any money. After learning so much more after college about things I wish I knew before I went (like financial literacy, writing, and streams of passive income) I know things could be different today. There's hope though! 

This week's blog post is very different as I continue to shift and work to figure out what, how, and expand on why I'd like to continue the journey to opening a design studio. I've decided to take some time for self analyzation, planning and goal setting in order to move forward. One thing I've realized is we compartmentalize our lives, breaking it down into categories like spiritual, physical, mental/emotional/intellectual, and social/relational groups. Realistically speaking (or in this case - WRITING), they are all interconnected. We are whole beings, and a full appreciation of who we are can only be achieved by the comprehension of how intimately interrelated every aspect of our lives are. 

So how does this relate to hand lettering and my studio ambitions? Well I am using Donia Studio as a stepping stone to overlap, for a holistic creative outlet, for exploration and for the many things I am passionate about. Through Donia Studio I am exploring, making mistakes, and learning. 

As I continue to sift through this I'd like to share an interview guest post I am featured in from a good friend of mine that decided to share her knowledge and work with me to build my savings in a matter of three months. She Candice, interviewed me two months after our three month session. 

Candice has an online blog, Young Yet Wise where her mission is to help urban people in their 20’s make smarter choices when it comes to their money, so that they’ll be able to have a better future. You can find out more by visiting

Here's a brief intro to the interview: 

What were you struggling with before you signed up for the organize your finances contest? 

To put it simply I was struggling to pay my bills. I didn’t have enough money. I kept digging into my savings and getting hit with overdraft fees. Remember my email?

Email Subject line: “Help I’m Drowning!!!” ...
— Keshna Donia

Click here to read the full story, but be sure to come back to my blog next week! 

Keshna Donia