One Hour of Learning

What could you do with one hour of learning everyday? What could you accomplish and what would it bring you, what accomplishments can you achieve through the span of days, weeks, months, or years of this practice? It's important to always continue to learn regardless of your age or what the topic pertains. I enjoyed industrial design because it forced me to learn more about the product or service that I was designing and developing. With one hour of learning each day you can accomplish so many things and learn to better yourself in a new scale. Try committing to learning something new - maybe its hand lettering, maybe it's drawing footwear, maybe it's learning code, or studying a new language. This learning will keep your brain active. Knowledge is powerful!

Where do I start? 

So you up for the challenge! You can continue to learn outside of the traditional schooling and education system and it's important to continue to network and research to know what's out there. Google is your friend! I'd start by making a list of what you're interested in learning or exploring. Then I'd make an hourly schedule. Similar to the excel sheet. Block in the hours so you know what you have available to play around with. Try to aim for a time that is consistent every day. When I first started my time block was 8-10 pm to practice hand lettering, Monday thru Friday. 

I have many interests and it would be really great if I could actually combine everything together  - however I am choosing to focus on one thing (hand lettering) and to practice this one thing for an hour at a time. This can help you decide if it's something that you should invest even more time exploring. 

What are you waiting for? Go block out an hour and start exploring! 

Keshna Donia