Early Wake, Daily Write

On a Saturday!!! You thought you were going to sleep in? But that’s not what hustlers do. They work hard now and play harder later. They rest harder too. This post was written Saturday morning.
— Keshna Donia

So what's this early wake, daily write (EWDW)  anyway?  I know you've heard this before, "successful people wake up early to get started on their day early."  But do you know why? You've accomplished more in the first two hours of your  day  before 8 am comes around. There is a peaceful serenity knowing that. Now it's crazy because most CEOs come into work later than everyone else. They also tend to leave the workplace later. But they got up earlier than you! 

Show me the proof that getting up early works. This month I'll be writing every morning - including the weekends. And I'll be practicing my hand lettering in the evenings. I want to show you that when you decide to show up - (regardless of the events happening in your life) - when you choose to make time and stay dedicated to your goals, great results are bound to happen.

I start my day with writing. I then transition to a morning workout- from there I drive to work and get ready for the day job. When the day job is over I go back home to practice hand lettering again. If I am stressed and need to some relief, I'll do another workout. Then get into my hand lettering. 

Where does breakfast fit into all this? I'll boil some eggs go shower and grab that on the way to work. Or I'll stop at a local deli near my job to get a protein wrap. I also have a stash of flavored oatmeal at work. I've recently started making fruit smoothies and that's quick using a NutriBullet. For Lunch we either order out, I bring something in from home, or I will stop by a local shop.

Is this sustainable? In all honesty, I am not sure. I started writing daily in the early mornings back in October 2014. I've fallen off a few times but every single time I start back up I do feel much more accomplished. 

You mean to tell me you do things in that order each time? Look it's import to have a routine set. You will know what is coming up next on your agenda. What's crazy is when I first started I had a little more on my plate. I have since learned to say no to a few things. If I want my design studio to go up and running it's important for me to put in the work. 

What's the goal with your writing? I want to be up to 1000 words daily, maybe 1500 - I will increase my output as I can.

Will or do you publish everything you write? I am not sure that I will, currently I have not. There are times when I'm writing to relieve emotional stress. There are times I'm writing to clear my mind. I am sure I can repurpose some of my writing to share with you a story relative to hand lettering.

The importance is to write. To get it all out. Then, go back and review. There may be a few personal experiences that I can use in the future to put into a blog post. After all we relate through our experiences. 

I also want to teach. Preferably at a local university, or to rent out space and share my own lessons - it's still teaching. 

How much time should I set aside to write every morning? It's subjective to what your life situation looks like. Single and living alone? You'll  have less interruptions and more time to set aside to practice your writing. It also depends on your work availability. Figure out what works for you. Maybe you'll do thirty minutes of writing and an hour and half of lettering. Maybe in the evenings you are doing something else. That's okay. Find a process that works for you. 

For me the time that works is 5:00 am - my alarm goes off at 4:45. I have to check in with my 6amclub with a text: 

"Feet on the Floor?" and write. 

So how do you know what to write about? Makeup a few topics before hand. Choose one in the morning and write. Better yet, schedule your topics on a calendar - and write. 

How does this relate to hand lettering? 


  • Choose your lettering phrase before hand. It will cut wasting more time trying to figure out what to letter. 
  • Log your time to see what your duration is like for each session. 
  • Have an accountability partner this way you wont dissapoint them - and yourself. 

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Keshna Donia