Official Launch!

Yesterday (5.5.15) I officially launched Donia Studio, YAY! We should remember to celebrate the small victories along the way. I didn't realize I had a bit of anxiety in launching the site. I've been blogging consistently since January and never really published publicly until now. 

I was challenged by an internet friend to get my site up within a week. Originally I was posting weekly on WordPress - but I have since moved to Square space due to its simplicity. If I ever need to grow the site or have a need for development to be done I know where to move my site.

While my site is really simple, I look forward to making tweaks and edits as it grows and as I continue to learn. Launching the site has some significance to me and has eased some pressure off. It is also making me much more aware of what I need to accomplish and to set better deadlines. 

The next challenge I have for myself is to develop my logo for my brand. Stay tuned! 

Keshna Donia