My Struggle with Consistency

Can I be real with you right now? It's been a real struggle for me these last few weeks on making time to make posts for my blog and to be sure that anyone who is reading this is getting any type of insight and value from it. I've slowly but surely stopped waking up at my early time of 4:45 am to write before my early exercise routine. I was on a roll when I first started back in October and when February hit, things began to go down hill. The temperature dropped, and it became much more difficult to get up in the mornings and clean snow before heading to work. I had to listen to some inspiration earlier today just to re-evaluate my whole reasoning behind doing this. I know that the things we enjoy doing we make sacrifices for. We may make sacrifices in our relationships, our health, our sanity even, and our career development. The list can go on and on and the cause and reasoning differs from one person to the next. I find myself constantly going back to defining what my, "why," is and whether it is solid enough of a foundation to build upon. I wonder, "is this really what I want to be doing right now?"..or whether or not someone out there in the World Wide "Webiverse" is even reading my words. I often go back to the question of am I providing value to those of you who are reading and where I can improve. As an artist and designer I tend to be very hard on myself and reflect, critique and analyze myself much more harshly than those on the outside. With that I came up with some questions with the help of a friend that I will be answering mainly for myself. Perhaps sharing these questions with you will help you in discovering ways to be more consistent.

These are questions I asked myself today:

Are you setting the right goals?

Are you focusing on what matters?

What goals can I break down into smaller, manageable tasks?

What am I willing to sacrifice in order to make time for, the things that matter to me right now?

What will bring the biggest change in the long game of life?

Overall, I've learned that life goes on, it owes you nothing and you should keep pushing through even through your down moments. That feeling of being down is temporary and it shouldn’t break you. If it does, take the time to pull yourself together and get back on your feet.

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