360 million. That's the current power ball. Can you imagine if you won that money! So today my co-workers and I have decided to get into that pool. All I can think is, "What would I do with all this money"? Would I change my lifestyle? My way of living? Or would I make donations to charity and family members? Would I quit my job? I've pondered this for the latter half of my day, here's a break down of how I would spend this 360 million - or what ever I get back from taxes.
Life Goals - I would Develop three life goals that I would like to achieve they would include developing a scholarship for students that are interested in pursuing an education. This education wouldn't have to be in a formal university setting. While I think colleges and Universities have much to offer, I am also learning that education, learning, it doesn't stop after you graduate. It continues as long as you are interested in it. As long as you choose to develop your skills your craft and expound on your knowledge I would fund the resources for you. I would invest in a leadership program. I think some people have the drive, and the commitment and can develop additional skills to be a better leader. I'd either fund my company, or find one that was really good and collaborate with them.
I'd Travel. We as people don't leave our comfort zones enough. there is so much to explore and learn about just 50 miles out side of town. You wouldn't even need to travel 50 miles, instead just travel 20 miles - ten even. I'm dreaming big here so I would visit all 7 continents. Meet different people, eat different foods, and enjoy the culture. I would find ways to give in those communities as well. The first place that I would travel to is Haiti. That is where my roots are from, next Africa, from there, it'd be endless until I return to whats familiar to me.
I also have Monetary goals. I'd find someone to teach me more about investments. I'd make sure to find companies to invest in as well. A few that come to mind: Pensole, seanwes, Martine Forman, Shervla Ojentis, Schuller Ojentis, Judline Tumson, New Jerusalem Baptist Church, and of course my own. I'd develop a small school, that teaches in a completely different style than that of the typical class rooms. I value education because knowledge is power. I'd invest in the development of young people's lives and those that are interested in furthering themselves.
For my design studio, I'd develop having multiple locations. One in California, New York Florida and overseas. I'd help my mom with her passion goals of having her own bespoke boutique. I wouldn't go and buy a house and all these things wouldn't happen over night. It would push me to think in a greater scale, to think beyond myself and to find ways to help other people. I know that money isn't everything, but it can be a tool to help others make a difference in their own lives.
My life mission though, would be to show kindness to everyone, push them to find happiness and share the Gospel with them - the Good News.
A simple gesture of kindness can change someones life. So, I didn't really win the lottery, but its nice to think of what I'd do. Dream bigger! What would you do if you won the lottery?