Practical Ways to Getting Things Done

Ever feel overwhelmed with never-ending to-do lists? Or maybe your mind is running endlessly thinking about the things that need to get done, and you feel like you just don't have enough time? Or maybe you have more ideas popping throughout your head and you need a way to get them out. This happens to me very often, and I must say getting my tasks done, so that I can enjoy the little things and other activities I am involved in all start with a to-do list. I live by to-do lists. I write them out when I feel overwhelmed, when I have to get my groceries and when ideas start flowing. It helps in seeing a visual aide of what I need to do. Sometimes, I will go back and list them with higher importance, or list them in ways to complete them faster. Not a to-do list person? What about using a calendar to list out what is on your mind or that needs to be completed?

A calendar also helps in having a visual aide to see what needs to be done. Often times I like to use google calendar. When I had an android phone I could put a short cut that displayed my 'events' for the day. Maybe you like to use apps? You can use apps like Wunderlist or to have them right at your hand. you can even set alarms to go off to help you remember them.  I will also recommend evernote. This is personally my favorite. It doubles as a work space (typically where I do my preliminary writing and note taking) and you can have a task list and set alarms. I enjoy the Evernote app because it allows you to sync this to all your devices and even log on from a home computer. I would suggest that any app that you do end up using, that you stick to just one. It will help when you need to go back and reflect on whats been completed, or what needs to still be crossed, or checked as done.

Everyday I make a written to-do list and when its crunch time, I sometimes record how long it takes me to complete a task. I like to use my time efficiently as it is something we can never get more of, only use accordingly.  So lets recap to practical ways for you to get things done:

  1. Make a hand written to do list.
  2. Use a calendar to sort out what needs to get done.
  3. Attached to your mobile device? Use a timer or alarm for reminders.
  4. Use an app, such as Anydo, Wunderlist, or Evernote.

In all, after making the list, its important to take action. I keep my lists and at the end of the week I see where I can improve on getting things that should not have taken an hour, or more time than they should have. This helps me analyze and see if it should be higher on my to do list. Completing one task leads to the next, it also gives a feeling of accomplishment. So, what are some things that you struggle with getting done? Are there any ways you've tried to other than the ways I've listed above?  Share with me in the comments below.

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