Montego Bay, Jamaica

Yea, mon! No problem, we have a situation. Eh eh!  - Some of the terms learned while abroad. 

Time slowed down, extensively. There was no where I had  to be at any particular time other than letting the sun kiss my face every morning while laying stretched out on the beach chairs by the poolside. The water was the perfect temperature and the beach water changed hues from clear blue to ocean blue. 

I didn't have to think about work, I didn't have to think about design, I had no worries and no cares. Food was readily available, and all I had to do was relax. 

Someone made an observation that we, here in the U.S, live to work while in other countries people work to live. Do you understand that concept and what it is saying? We don't make time to enjoy the beauty of life. We work and work and work, missing the flowers blossom, missing the life that happens everyday right before our own eyes.

We have all heard the cliche' time and time again, "life is short," yet we live each day as if tomorrow is promised. 

The purpose of vacation is to take time off, usually spent away from home or in travelling. It requires you to take a break from the busyness of work and spend time in recreational activities, similar to the ones I mentioned above.  

"But Keshna, I'm a workaholic, I enjoy my work, I can't pull away from what I enjoy doing". 

What to do if you can’t set one up: 

Find a friend to pull you away when all your focus is on business. You need to disconnect because it helps the business in the long run. It allows you to think clearly, and regain focus on your goals. 

There were a few interesting facts that I learned while on tours and excursions. One thing that stood out to me was the process of building a home. You could start and stop the building process of a home just as you acquired funding. There were many buildings that looked incomplete but really, they were building the smart way - no debt in the end. No mortgage to pay. Oh how I wish!

One of the houses in progress, snapped while in motion on the tour bus.

We stayed at the Grand Palladium resort and spa, all inclusive. 

For fun we sat by the poolside, did paddle boating, got a look of the coral reef, went to Dunns River Falls, zip lining, atv tour, rum tasting, a challenge course, and water tubing. 

Lastly, I captured some of the beautiful hand lettered pieces on the bus ride from our excursions, along with beautiful art pieces. 

Since coming back from my trip, I've got a question from one of my subscribers, " Do you have any suggestions for good calligraphy pens?". I'll let Nina Tran answer that question for you. Click here for the full extentsive interview.