Interview: Danie Nicole Creative

Danie Nicole Creative can you share how came up with this name, and why you decided to go with it?

I wanted to stick to my name so that I could branch out into other styles of design if I chose to down the line without it being an issue. Danielle Nicole is a very popular name and also a handbag design company so I decided to use my nickname, Danie and my middle name, Nicole.  


Do you have a dream client you'd like to work with or for in the furture? 

I think a cool company to do work for would be She Reads Truth. It’s an online bible study for women and they always invest in awesome designs and hand lettering for their products and study materials. 

Are there any other styles in handlettering you find interesting or would want to explore? 

Right now I mainly do calligraphic scripts and brush lettering, but I would love to play around more with creating compositions using serif italics.

What is the piece you are most proud of? 

I think the lettering piece I did of Proverbs 9:10 is my favorite.



Can you share someone's work whom you admire?

There are sooo many people's work I admire, but Jennet Liaw’s work really stands out to me right now. She's a graphic designer and she runs an online shop, The way she plays with type is so different and beautiful. One of my favorite pieces by her is her ampersand lettering.

Who inspires you/Where do you find your inspiration?

There are many artists, letterers and graphic designers that inspire me. However, I would say books inspire me the most. It could be because I'm a huge book nerd and book collector! My typography and calligraphy books are a huge source of inspiration. My favorite is Scripts by Steve Heller. I also have several vintage books from on my computer that I love. Also, book cover art inspire me because the composition of lettering on book covers is usually unique and different and says so much about the book.

Who are the top 3 people to follow on instagram? 

A few of my favorites are: @fictionalsupply, @belindalovelee @alimakesthings

What are your future plans with Danie Nicole Creative?

I want to continue to grow in my hand lettering practice and also begin learning how to design typefaces. Down the line, I would love to have a small shop with creative resources, fonts, prints, shirts, and mugs… that sort of thing.

Any advice to newly Handlettering artists?

I would say that if youre interested in scripts, start off with traditional copperplate calligraphy. The pen and ink practice teaches you so much on how to put script letter forms together in a balanced way and it’s easier to translate that into drawing the letters.

What makes you different from others that practice handlettering?

I believe that as with any artist, a person's life and perspective shows through their work and is what makes them different. No one will ever create in the same way I will because I am my own person with my own experiences. They may create better, or maybe not as accurate, but it will be different. My style is a modern script that is still evolving and I love drawing scripture, quotes, and other words that inspire.

Can you share what you did to grow your list? 

I’m still working on that myself! But I would say to continue to show up and put out work and eventually people will take notice.

Can you explain your process?

Where I set up to work varies. I have a desk, but I usually end up working from my coffee table, kitchen table, or my bed. It just depends on my mood! I always have my lightboard, lead holder, eraser, tape, white printing paper, and microns. Those are my basic, must-have supplies. I have a blog post on my website about the process I went through to create my logo. You can see that on my process page. I pretty much go through the same steps for most lettering pieces.

Are you designing fulltime?If not how do you balance your time? What else are you doing for additional income? 

I’m not doing lettering full time yet. I have a day job as a graphic designer currently. I'm still working on the balance my time part, but I work for a few hours in the evenings a 3-4 days out of the week and all day on Saturdays. 

Can you share a tip that hand lettering artists can use? 

Use a lightboard! It makes everything so much easier and faster!

Where can people find more about you?

My website is and you can find me on twitter and instagram at @dnicolecreative

Can you share your favorite positive quote with my readers? 

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." -Arthur Ashe

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