Over the Hump

Over the hump.jpeg

Ever feel like Friday can't come soon enough? Sometimes I feel that way too, so I can relate. I decided to sketch during some downtime during my day job (sssh hh hh don't tell anybody). I made this really cool wallpaper background and decided to treat it like a full blown project.

Though this started off with a sketch to spice it up I decided to develop it a bit further and take it through my complete design process. 

I made a mood board to capture that feeling I mentioned before, "Friday Can't come soon enough". Typically this feeling comes about during a stressed week or when the weather is really gloomy. As of right now In NJ, we've entered the winter season with plenty of gray covered skies. Things that come to mind are grungy textures and cloudy mud like colors. To fit the mood I was looking to capture I created a mood board.

After scanning in my sketch, I played with a few of the options keeping it blank, adding texture and color and refining the points and angles in illustrator.


I played around with places to use the wallpaper like tablets, monitors, and the iPhone. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing how a sketch can be transformed into something more. Interested in having a custom wall paper created? You can contact me for your business needs here. I can't wait to hear about your project. 

Keshna Donia