Craft in Lettering is Just as Important

When a kid is learning something new, parents are patient, encouraging and they take their time to give a child space to grow and make mistakes.

But as an adult, we forget to learn how to fail. We think its important to be perfectionists not realizing just how far our failure have taken us.

I've decided to take a huge step back, and teach lettering.

I'm working on a beginners guide to lettering.

Through the past years I realize I didn't like what I was creating because I wasn't honing into my craft. Drawing comes easy for me. But the technicalities, working in illustrator and photoshop - those areas weren't my best suits.

By teaching, I'm hoping to show others what I know, and what I can do creatively.

I'd like to get hired by companies and professionals.

Are you interested in learning?

Currently, I am taking Lauren Hom's Passion to Paid course.

We are in week 5 (out of a total of five weeks).