The artwork I create is inspired by my travels to my home country, Haiti and my everyday experiences. As an artist interested in travel, I visit from country to country every few months, building my portfolio as I go. I find the simple joys in my hometown of New Jersey, and I also enjoy traveling to my neighboring New York City, allowing my artwork to be inspired by the urban oasis. I am passionate about creativity, community, travel, education and entrepreneurship. I enjoy connecting with people and experiences and use that to fuel my creative inspiration for new project and experiences to level up my personal and professional life. My lettering illustrations are inspired by bible verses, and quotes that come up from conversations with my fiancé’.

I run my business on line and offer private in person paint classes and workshops. My artwork is directly inspired from my everyday experiences and my vacation travels. I build my portfolio and infuse my cultural experiences into my personal projects.

I illustrate in a variety of mediums, but my two favorites are styles are my gouache paintings and acrylic illustrations.