Packaging Types

When it comes to shipping products there are three major types of boxes: 

  1. corrugated boxes,

  2. boxboard or paperboard cartons, 

  3. and paper bags and sacks.

Corrugated Boxes are used for heavier products:

  • appliances, electronic goods, wine, fruit and vegetables.

Box Board or paper cartons are thin, lighter weight carton often used to for single use items

  • as breakfast cereal, shoes, crackers, a toy.

Paper Bags and Sacks: 

  • paper bags are used to carry groceries and/or retail items,
  • multi-wall sacks that contain flour
  • and cement and are used for the collection of leaf and yard waste and organics (food scraps). 

But maybe you are thinking to create a new experience. To develop a welcoming package for your audience, to change the experience they have working with you. 

If its a packaging thats going out in the mailer, you'll be using the second example: boxboard or paperboard cartons. 

Next week, I'll walk you through the components of designing for a welcome package. Until then, what questions do you have on packaging?

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