A Question Your Designer Should Never Ask

A Question Your Designer Should Never Ask:

Can you guess what it is?

When you make the decision to take on a designer it ought to be one that has experience doing the work that you have hired them to do.

Values are important. Things like trust, integrity, collaboration, understanding are a few on the list. Through their work and portfolio they've demonstrated the skills you are looking for.

Recently I joined a Facebook group and I saw this question come up over and over again.

“Do you like it?”

[Cringe] - but did you guess right?

Has your designer ever asked you this?

Note that this has an impact on the experience you have working with your designer.

Here's why it's the wrong question to ask.


You've entrusted your designer to make all the best sound and judgment decisions for your marketing, branding and identity and all other design needs because they demonstrated the knowledge and know-how to do it. They've established earning your trust.

It is not your job to make the design decisions. I repeat - you shouldn't have to make the design decisions.

While there may be a few check-ins through out the process that require your approval, your designer should feel confident in knowing that they can not only do the work, but deliver on it as well.